Learning How To Market Music 1960 Style!

April 16, 2013


You may have the sweetest voice in the world or play guitar like Jimmy Hendrix. Your band could contain the best drummer on the planet and you may even be working with an unknown yet destined to be the next Poet Laureate, song lyricist. But, if no one’s heard you play or sing, how can you possibly hope to attract the eyes and ears of a record label?

Many believe the 1960’s was the best expressive musical era of all time. Certainly the 60’s spring boarded the careers of many fantastic musical legends; The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The rolling Stones just to name a few. The list of Rock and Roll bands alone goes on and on and on. Theories abound about how and why the 1960’s outshined all previous decades as far as producing great musical talent. And equally debated is how and why the 60’s can remarkably continue to stand apart from every decade that follows whenever musical greatness is compared despite all the advances of technology, musical instrument improvements, better performing recording and listening equipment, advances in teaching and learning techniques plus all the many more opportunities presented by newly invented communication and media platforms.

Some claim it was the hallucinogenic drugs of the time period that opened the minds of the 1960’s youth freeing their spirits artistically. Many say it was all just a fluke. One popular belief proclaims that all art is a representative of the times they are created during. This theory points to historical facts; turmoil, political up-rest, a widening of the generation gap, war and all the confusion of conflicting social ideals such as, Communism and Fascism verses ‘Free Commerce’ and Democracy. Add the debate over racial freedoms, the feminist movement and the ‘free love’ communal life style of the flower child and you can see how these were certainly confusing times, primed for soul searching. The traditional role of the artist has always been activism, renegade, revolutionary and pro-protest. Did all these dramatic circumstance and conflicting life viewpoints coming together at the same time contribute in creating an environment that spurned the development of all the great music and musical stars that emerged during the 1960’s?

Whatever the reason for the remarkable phenomenon of the 1960’s music era, most scholars and music lovers agree, we may never see a repeat of mass creativity in a single decade again. If we do see one it will be far into the future. My own belief is that all of the above theories contributed a little bit to the phenomenon. But, what has stopped the process from being able to repeat in all the decades that have followed, was not a lack of hallucinating, mind altering, drugs or political drama and up-rest. There has been no lacking of troubled times to pose as subject matter for today’s singers and song writers to create lyrics and belt out tunes that expose and ridicule our modern society’s many injustices. And, credit must be given where credit is due; some great musical artists have graced our presence since the 1960’s. The one thing that is holding back an artistic explosion of the music industry is the music industry itself!

(Part 2 continued below)

Learning How To Market Music 1960 Style! (Part 2)

April 16, 2013


The difference between the music industry of the 1960’s and the proceeding decades as well as all the decades that have come since is the artistic freedom. The music business has matured, become more serious and much more professional, which is always a recipe for hindering creative, revolutionary, artistic ability. Talent Scouts of the 60’s Music Era travelled the circuits and slept in their cars in the parking lots of honkytonk bars with caged in stages. Producers partied alongside the musicians mingling with groupies and entertainers. Deals were made with a handshake and honored. Records were cut in garages thus the slang name ‘garage band’. Talent Scouts and Music Agents believed in their charges. They thought their finds had a message and a unique sound that the world needed to hear! Everyone from stagehands to upper management believed they were contributing to something great.

When, right before going out on stage to perform on the prestigious, Ed Sullivan Show, Ed Sullivan himself told Jim Morrison of ‘The Doors’, he had to change one of his lyrics or their band wouldn’t be allowed to perform that night, Jim agreed. Then, in typical Jim Morrison fashion, Jim and the band went on stage and Jim sang the song the way he wanted to uncut-able and un-sensor-able because it was a live aired performance with no delay. Jim got himself banned for life from ever again performing on the super popular, Ed Sullivan Show. Jim didn’t care. When a fuming Sullivan gave Jim the news, Jim rebuffed with. “Hey man we just did the Ed Sullivan Show!” Then, Jim turned and walked away. That was the attitude of everyone involved with making Rock and Roll then and their listeners too. The music came first, period!

Since the 1960’s, money has become the priority. Businessmen call most of the shots. Corporate giants in suits and ties discuss, in boardrooms at the top floors of 60 and 70 floor skyscrapers, whether an artist is marketable, meaning commercial or not. What you sound like means less to them than how many followers you have on face book. Today, there is no shortage of artistic musicians but, making money in the music industry has become very corporate. If you are trying to get the attention of a Record Label, attract a music agent or simply trying to gain more and bigger local bookings and shows don’t expect anyone of influence to take a chance on an unknown. Today’s music industry opportunities are given to the performers who can prove they have followers. You need to show the decision makers you have thousands and thousands of followers on Facebook. Show them the tweets and re-tweets praising your last performance. Doors open when you have solid proof that you got a serious amount of loyal FANS who rave about your sound!

This is where ‘A HOT SONG’ comes in. It may seem like our strategy, to gain you exposure and publicity, is a little unorthodox. But, we’ve tested it and perfected it. Giving away a song on our platform will get you fans who probably never would have heard about you or your talent otherwise. ‘A Hot Song’ truly is your ace in the hole for marketing when you are working within a tight budget! You have nothing to lose. Let us put up a song on our site. We’ll promote your tune and your image for you and we don’t charge you anything! No one builds a fan base quicker! You keep all the rights to your music. You can take down your download anytime. We do all the technical work. You get your own professionally designed page to show off. When performing, you can give out flyers notifying your audience and fans where to log on to get your free download!

You don’t have to go to a studio to create the download. The grittier the sound the better! There’s simply no better marketing than this and the price can’t be argued. FREE! Heck if you were smart, you’d get the band together this weekend and record a few songs just to try us out. You got nothing to lose. You can only gain! Gain publicity! Gain notoriety! Gain FANS! And, open up doors of opportunity, FAST!
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