April 17, 2013


If we give our songs away FREE, how can we ever make any money? That is the obvious question that everyone wants to know. Pay attention, you are about to learn the most best kept secret of marketing and money making in the history of big business. Even if you don’t become a music super star, learn this single life’s lesson and it will serve you loyally, spiritually, in the business world and in your personal life for the rest of your days. You have to give something to get something back! That is a cold hard fact. But tell the truth, isn’t it always more fun to give presents that to get them?

You make music, it is what you love doing. If you are here then you’re a musician who is probably low or limited in funds. You have a few choices. One, continue spending every hard earned dime on advertising that has habitually failed in the past to bring you any decent return on your investment. Two, work your butt off tacking flyers to telephone poles all over the neighborhood and stay up all night tweeting, text messaging, posting, and spamming the internet with blurbs about how great your new band is, most of which will be deleted before being read all the way through. Or three. Give ‘A HOT SONG’ Dot com your best damn song to promote to millions of people for you!

‘A HOT SONG’ doesn’t charge you anything! They don’t ask for a percentage of your future sales! They just promote your song and band brand, FREE. So why are you so skeptical? Because you’ve never heard of anything like this in your whole life before. Sure, you quickly realize the idea of a website giving FREE music downloads away will definitely go over big with music fans the world over. Who doesn’t want FREE music? But, from the artist’s point of view, there has to be a catch. Right? Wrong! There is no catch. Look at it this way.

If someone approached you and your band and offered to pay you to make a musical radio or TV commercial, you would jump at the chance. Besides the money, the exposure from a national or global commercial could be your ‘big break’ that spirals your career. So, if you are more than willing to play and sing your heart out to promote kitty litter or some other lame product, why would you hesitate at the chance to perform to promote yourself, your band and your own special sound, to a platform of real opt/in music lovers the globe over? ‘A HOT SONG’ members love music! And they love spreading the word about new music!

We realize you are giving us something valuable and dear to your heart, a whole song to play and give away FREE on our website. In return we are offering you tons of FREE Viral PUBLICITY! And yes, you keep all the rights to your music so you can still publish the song once you cut your first record deal! ‘A HOT SONG’ is run by people who are serious about music. We are artists ourselves. When we stumbled upon this unique strategy of marketing and realized the powerful platform of promotion that was just a few clicks of a mouse away. We had to take our methods to the streets!

We’ve tested everything that has to do with promotion, marketing and advertising. Nothing builds FANS in the music business today, faster than giving away a FREE sample of your unique sound. Everyone is talking about how important social media and internet marketing is. ‘A NEW SONG’ is your easiest platform for taking advantage of all the power of the web. And the beauty of it is once your FREE Download and webpage is set up you can promote it online and off! Yes, you can still pin flyers to telephone poles if you want to. Just add the link to your free download on those little fringe tear offs at the bottom of the flyer so your local fans know where to go to download their FREE song.

Can we make it any easier for you to be able to send a song link representing your personal music style to radio stations and Disc Jockeys everywhere! Just email your song link, that we create and provide for you to talent scouts, booking agents and music publishers even Record Labels! Your fans will be directed to your very own webpage containing as much or as little contact information that you wish to supply. You can add photos to really show yourselves off! If you truly believe your music is ready for mass exposure what are you waiting for? Send us a song to promote for you TODAY!

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Hi musician, band leaders and musical talent managers,

I see you are considering sending us a download of your unique sound to take advantage of the publicity that ‘A HOT SONG’ FREE MUSIC PLATFORM can build for you, your band or your clients quicker than any other FREE marketing forum online or off. In today’s music industry it is becoming really hard to set yourself apart and selling music has gotten quite difficult. Showing off your musical style by giving away a FREE Download of one of your songs is a super way to build up a FAN base QUICKLY!

Certainly other musicians have been using this ploy for many years but ‘A HOT SONG’ specializes in using this marketing tactic to promote musicians viral. By combining this simple proven formula of traditional marketing with the most modern online and off line marketing technology ‘A HOT SONG’ Dot Com has been pulling in some impressive numbers. There is really no risk or obligation since you keep all the rights to your music and can pull down the free download at anytime. So you have nothing to lose!

It only takes a few minutes to get started. Just copy and paste your answers to the questions in the form below into the body of your email then send it to:

HURRY! Our ‘A HOT SONG’ promotion experts are looking forward to starting a marketing campaign for you and your music today! We’ll design a nice looking webpage for you and your Song Download and email you the link to your page for you to share with all your friends, family, business associates and FANS! Working together and leveraging the power of internet marketing we’re going to make you famous!

ARTIST SET UP SHEET   (Please fill out completely then email it back to us)

The following information is needed so we can set up your song giveaway page

Band or Musician’s name: __________________________________________

Title of the song you are using: ______________________________________

Link to the mp3 Download: _________________________________________

Link to any album artwork if you have it: _______________________________

Any band or performer promotional images you’d like to show on your webpage:


Links to any of your important social networks and website if you have them:



Links to any new releases or article you wish us to make note of on your page:



*The more info, photos & social links allows us to better design your page.

Any up coming performances you’d like us to mention or promotional trivia:



Copy the completed form then paste it into an email and send it to us at:




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      Singers, song writers, musicians, band leaders, band managers; remember when making music was all about having fun? Listen, I get it. You have to make a living and it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Do you have an old music download that you are proud of? I’m not talking about any high end studio production you had to pay thousands of dollars to produce. A gritty recording of a performance you or one of your friends captured when no one knew you guys or gals were being taped will do. If not, bring a laptop to your next practice session or just borrow a good cell phone and record one full song that best represents your band’s sound and personality. Send us your music download. ‘A HOT SONG’ will take it from there!


      ‘A HOT SONG’ is your premier source for finding new, hot, musical stars of today and tomorrow. You can preview and download the newest most innovative music of any musical genre posted here for FREE! Our singers, song writers, musicians and band members are looking forward to hearing your comments, advice, criticism and of course praise when praise is due. Comment on our blog if you wish and by all means, please share your downloaded songs with your social media followers and friends. Tweet away about your musical finds! Your favorite performers and bands will love the notoriety!


      If you are in the business of searching for undiscovered talented musicians, ‘A HOT SONG’ is the place for you to browse around FREE! Whatever musical genre you specialize in recruiting talent for; Rock, Hip Hop, R & B, Soul, Country…The young stars and their latest musical creations are all gathered for you in one place, here at ‘A HOT SONG’! Find anxious musical hopefuls of Heavy Metal, Gospel, Country, The Blues and much more! The musicians and bands who are willingly promoting their songs for FREE on ‘A HOT SONG’ are obviously serious about their music careers. If they’ve opted/in to participate in our powerful platform of marketing then you can be sure they believe in their music and are dedicated professionals who are committed to getting their signature tunes heard!